Fire-Resistant Document Case

Fire-Resistant Document Case


This convenient document holder is the perfect solution adding an extra layer of security to your valuable documents against fire, water, dirt, etc. The case is triple-layered made of water-resistant tarpaulin exterior, a fire-resistant aluminum foil middle layer, and lined with a fiberglass interior which can resist up to 900 degrees F, and stitched with fire proof Kevlar thread to ensure the contents will be safe during the most unpredictable disasters. The top opening of the case is secured with 2" hook & loop fastener that designed to stay closed and has a 2" slit that allows for easy access to your documents.
Great for safe keeping your sensitive contents such as cash, jewelry, Insurance documents, Wills, Trusts, Deeds, Vehicle Titles, Birth certificates, Travel documents, irreplaceable memories, etc. A perfect gift that everyone should have.
Product Size: 10"W x 13"H

The Farmers Insurance logo is imprinted in black on the case.

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